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What Are The Most Common Passwords?

A password is security in its most standard and basic form. Passwords are a fundamental aspect of computer security and are used to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.The idea is that only individuals who know the correct password should [...]

What Are The Most Common Passwords?2023-11-29T15:51:56-08:00

What are the Impacts of Generative AI on Cloud Security?

What is Generative AI? Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence capable of producing fresh content, including text, images, audio, and video. It accomplishes this by learning the patterns and structure from existing data, and then using this [...]

What are the Impacts of Generative AI on Cloud Security?2023-11-21T13:21:42-08:00

What is Cybersecurity Consolidation?

What is Cybersecurity Consolidation? Cybersecurity consolidation refers to the process of streamlining and centralizing various cybersecurity tools, solutions, and processes within an organization. This consolidation aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and manageability of an organization's cybersecurity posture by [...]

What is Cybersecurity Consolidation?2023-11-21T13:26:00-08:00

What are Common Web Application Cyberattacks?

A significant portion of cybersecurity attacks target vulnerabilities and security weaknesses discovered within web applications. Web applications continue to be a primary target for cyberattacks and is one of the most common and favored cyberattack mediums for threat actors. Web [...]

What are Common Web Application Cyberattacks?2023-11-21T13:28:27-08:00

Business Email Compromise: The Easiest Route for Threat Actors

BEC, or Business email compromise, is a type of cybercrime that involves attackers manipulating or compromising business email accounts for fraudulent purposes. BEC scams are designed to deceive individuals or organizations into making financial transitions or sharing sensitive information under [...]

Business Email Compromise: The Easiest Route for Threat Actors2023-11-21T13:29:04-08:00

Why are Cloud Threat Actors Thriving?

Impact of Cloud Landscape on Incident Response Cloud incident cases differ from standard incident cases because of the different technology concepts. Currently, malicious actors in cloud environments have it easy because many aspects of the cloud landscape are unknown. [...]

Why are Cloud Threat Actors Thriving?2023-11-21T13:30:40-08:00

What are the Impacts of AI on Cybersecurity?

AI is a double-edged sword in cybersecurity. While it provides powerful tools for defending against cyber threats, it also poses new challenges as cybercriminals adopt AI-driven techniques. AI and Cybersecurity - Potential Threats [...]

What are the Impacts of AI on Cybersecurity?2023-11-21T12:22:59-08:00