Why Ransomware Targets Education and Healthcare Sectors

Nowadays, tech and ransomware go hand in hand. Hackers look for two characteristics when they scope out their next target: first, an organization or individual with valuable information and assets; and second, someone who is fairly easy to attack. Hackers [...]

Why Ransomware Targets Education and Healthcare Sectors2022-11-21T20:12:57-08:00

Be Ransomware Aware

Educate your users - Don’t let them be tricked into downloading malware

 Everyone should follow this advice:

  1. Be very cautious when opening an attachment or clicking a link in an email, instant message, or post on social networks (like Facebook)—even if you know the sender. If you are suspicious, call to ask the sender if they sent it.  If not, delete it.
  2. The attack can look like it is from an official sources like banks, UPS, FedEx, USPS, eFax, etc. This has been the most common attack method to date.
  3. If an e-mail gets blocked and quarantined by your spam filter...
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