The Evolution of Ransomware: How to Stay Protected

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a tradename for potentially entity killing malware of a variety of classes. In general, the cybercriminals infect computers with malware that can spread and take over an organization’s entire computing environment, from desktops and laptops [...]

The Evolution of Ransomware: How to Stay Protected2020-03-27T12:46:34-07:00

New statistics on ransomware

Chicago, IL - I sat in on a cybersecurity presentation by anti-virus/malware vendor Webroot. If you have not checked it out it is a good product that represents the next generation of protection in my opinion.

The slide deck had a few interesting graphic factoids I thought I would share.

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CryptXXX is ransomware that also steals your passwords and your Bitcoins

Most of my recent blogs are about ransomware. That is because ransomware is the most prevalent cyber threat today facing individuals, small and large businesses, governments and not-for-profits. No one is safe from this scourge.

Today I must tell you about a new one. Like Jigsaw, this new one called CryptXXX, is a game changer. Jigsaw was different from prior strains in that it immediately starts to delete your files just to show you that it means business. CryptXXX is different in that it introduces two new problems other than encrypting all your files and then demanding payment. Up until now ransomware has not actually breached your system and exfiltrated data. Sure you had a security incident, but it was not identified as a breach in the classic sense. Now with CryptXXX not only is your data held hostage, but now the culprits steal two new things from you. CryptXXX steals login names and passwords which puts all your systems, local and in the cloud, and any websites you frequent at risk. CryptXXX also steals your Bitcoins if you have any. The stealing of the Bitcoins is a particular insult because....

CryptXXX is ransomware that also steals your passwords and your Bitcoins2016-05-18T21:08:54-07:00

Alvaka Networks Ransomware/Crimeware Alert

 I was going to write this, but Dave Cunningham, Alvaka's Business Technology Officer, beat me to it.  So here it is in all it's timeliness.  Please be advised that Alvaka Networks is notifying its clients and partners of a particularly malicious [...]

Alvaka Networks Ransomware/Crimeware Alert2013-11-14T02:54:47-08:00

Ransomware Gangs Are Now Stealing Passwords

A few months back I wrote a blog called, Don’t Get Caught by a Ransomware Gang.   The blog warned that ransomware gangs are loading malware onto computers.  Back then the threat was in the form of unwanted encryption of your [...]

Ransomware Gangs Are Now Stealing Passwords2018-08-22T11:24:07-07:00

Don’t Get Caught by a Ransomware Gang

You can rest a little better tonight knowing one of these gangs has been caught and they will be going to jail.  Be warned because there are many other similar scams out there.The gangs target inadequately protected computers that are [...]

Don’t Get Caught by a Ransomware Gang2013-03-05T03:01:58-08:00