In brief as defined on Wikipedia the definition isThe recovery time objective (RTO) is the duration of time and a service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster (or disruption) in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in business continuity.

It can include the time for trying to fix the problem without a recovery, the recovery itself, testing, and the communication to the users. Decision time for user’s representative is not included.

Put another way, if your system breaks, how long do you want to be down?  How soon do you need your system back up and running?  Whether it is a week, a day, an hour or one minute, whatever time you establish, that is your RTO or Recovery Time Objective.  Think about what your business needs and talk to other key business unit managers and you can come up with one component of disaster recovery/business continuity planning.  Next up, you need to start thinking about your Recovery Point Objective.

Image courtesy of Cisco Systems

Alvaka Networks, an Irvine based IT consulting and IT Managed Service company, can help you with you DR and Business continuity planning.  We work all over Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties.  Call (949) 430-7285 or write for a free RTO, RPO Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity consultation.  Our DRworx disaster recovery service backs-up your valuable data onsite and in the cloud.  It also provides for a fast RTO/RPO through virtualization so if your server fails you can be back up and running fast.  Off-site storage in the cloud protects you from localized disaster.  Reverse chaining technology assures you that your system will always recover quickly from a failure.  We offer many other IT Services and IT Outsourcing options to help you with your computer service needs.