In my household we have purchased three Apple Watches.  I like mine, but it does have a few quirks.  It is in the first generation so that is to be expected.

3.6 million Apple Watches shipped in Q2 2015, says IDC, making Apple No. 2 in wearables

While the long-term success of the Apple Watch remains to be seen, the new gadget got off to a roaring start, according to a new report from IDC.

In its latest wearable tracking report, the marketing research firm said Apple shipped 3.6 million units of the Apple Watch in the second quarter of 2015. That’s a big number, considering the watch wasn’t on sale for the entire three-month period.

That makes Apple the second largest wearable company, behind Fitbit, which sold 4.4 million units during the same period. Given the higher average cost of the Apple Watch, it’s quite likely that Apple’s revenues from wearables is already bigger than Fitbit’s.

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