DFARS Compliance and the Little Old Lady

Oli Thordarson, CEO of Alvaka Networks Alvaka Networks has a series of pages on various IT compliance regulations for sectors like HIPAA, PCI, DFARS and more. Many of these pages have web forms visitors can fill in for more information, [...]

DFARS Compliance and the Little Old Lady2020-05-28T13:28:59-07:00

Alvaka Networks Open House Invitation

Orange County, CA - Alvaka Networks moves to larger headquarters in service expansion driven by security, DFARS/NIST 800-171 and IT uptime and performance management demands The 24x7 world of the internet is driving companies to operate in real time [...]

Alvaka Networks Open House Invitation2023-02-07T07:58:55-08:00

How Top Tech Trends will affect your livelihood

Long Beach, CA - If you have not attended Adaptive Business Leaders annual presentation “Top Tech Trends” you should plan on it next January. This year was another stupendously insightful presentation on what we should expect from technology in the [...]

How Top Tech Trends will affect your livelihood2024-04-21T19:34:17-07:00

Where’s the Beef?

Irvine - I want to let everyone know that we are embarking on some new messaging at Alvaka Networks.  Our new home page (www.alvaka.net) features some new messaging and calls-to-action centered on statements that are common amongst our new clientele followed-up with the phrase “What do I do now?”

This new marketing effort has its genesis in our new marketing consultant, John Pietro.  You won’t recognize Pietro’s name, but you will recognize his work.  He is most famous for his Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” campaign.  His work is not limited to that one campaign, but is likely his most famous and arguably the most famous, memorable and successful campaign in fast food history.  How is coaching will serve us in the tech services business remains to be seen, but I like where he is taking us....

Where’s the Beef?2016-02-10T01:03:52-08:00