Irvine – I want to let everyone know that we are embarking on some new messaging at Alvaka Networks.  Our new home page ( features some new messaging and calls-to-action centered on statements that are common amongst our new clientele followed-up with the phrase “What do I do now?”

This new marketing effort has its genesis in our new marketing consultant, John Pietro.  You won’t recognize Pietro’s name, but you will recognize his work.  He is most famous for his Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” campaign.  His work is not limited to that one campaign, but is likely his most famous and arguably the most famous, memorable and successful campaign in fast food history.  How his coaching will serve us in the tech services business remains to be seen, but I like where he is taking us.

I have surfed untold numbers of websites for providers of IT services.  All are vaguely similar.  In most case we could interchange company names from one website to the other and the differences would be indistinguishable.  The IT service business is maturing, but a lot of our marketing has not.  As a general rule, all IT companies only talk about themselves on their websites.  We don’t talk about client issues, we talk about ourselves.  Compared to the other outfits we are always more qualified, have better personnel, have more unique services, more certifications, we offer better service, we are more quality oriented, etc.  There really is no distinguishing features.

Our new campaign is centered more on the issues and problems facing our new clients and provides some guidance on how Alvaka Networks will resolve their IT related business problem.  I hope the new messaging works.  Only time will tell, but I can say that anything will work better than the old stagnant messages so universally present in IT service marketing. 

Please let me know what you think as we continue to make changes to the graphics, look & feel, and refine the messaging. you can write to