Channel Partners Conference & Expo Session Preview

Private-sector businesses encounter a wide range of hybrid threats, encompassing cyber, physical, extremist, and nation-state challenges. To address these issues, the Channel Partners Conference & Expo will feature a session on March 12 titled “Master Your Domain: Using Special Operations and Intelligence Practices Into the Private Sector.” During this session, attendees will gain insights into overcoming these challenges by applying specialized tactics and techniques developed by U.S. Special Operations Forces and CIA operational teams. Bob Dougherty, a retired CIA operations officer and CEO of Tartarus Intel, along with Kevin McDonald, COO and CISO of Alvaka, will present innovative approaches to mitigate and overcome these multifaceted challenges.

Alvaka’s Kevin McDonald hopes that attendees will “gain awareness of the evolving threat landscape and… understand the importance of proactive security measures like vulnerability assessments and employee training [while] recognizing the limitations of adopting specialized tactics and seek expert guidance for complex threats.” 

Kevin further explores the distinctions between public companies and private sectors, emphasizing that “Public companies are subject to increased regulations and scrutiny concerning data breaches and security practices. While private companies may have greater flexibility in responding to threats, they do not operate under the same level of oversight.” Recognizing and comprehending these nuances is crucial for navigating the intricacies of cybersecurity.

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Kevin McDonald Bio

Kevin B. McDonald serves as COO and CISO of Alvaka and has been with the company for over 20 years. He was selected as one of the OC500 most influential business executives in 2023. Kevin actively contributes to the global cybersecurity profession and is a senior law enforcement security consultant. Kevin is involved in various organizations, including memberships is the High-Tech Crimes Investigations Association, FBI’s Indiana Infragard Board of Directors and the U.S. Los Angeles DHS/CISA, UAV working group. He is also a member of the CompTIA Global Cyber Security Task force.  Kevin provides cybersecurity guidance to businesses, critical infrastructure operators, executives, legislators, and law enforcement. His expertise spans personal and business cyber and physical security strategy, enterprise technology, and public policy. Kevin is a renowned consultant, trainer, and public speaker. Additionally, he is a national multi-award-winning advocate for technology innovation, children’s Internet safety, and public policy. Kevin’s influence extends to local and national publications and various other electronic media outlets, showcasing his ability as an interviewer, speaker and fiction and non-fiction writer.

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