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Fortinet’s big problem is a zero-day buffer overflow vulnerability in FortiOS, which is leading to breached systems via remote code execution.

What is the FortiOS Vulnerability?

Recently, a vulnerability was discovered in FortiOS, the operating system used by Fortinet’s network security appliances. This vulnerability, which was given the identifier CVE-2018-13379, allows attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on infected devices. This means that attackers can potentially gain complete control over the device, allowing them to steal sensitive information, disrupt network operations, or even encrypt the device’s files and demand a ransom for their recovery.

The vulnerability was discovered by the Fortinet security team themselves, who promptly released a security patch to fix the issue. However, it is important to note that not all Fortinet customers have applied the patch, which means that there are still many devices out there that are vulnerable to this attack.

Why is the FortiOS Vulnerability Dangerous?

One of the reasons why this vulnerability is so concerning is that Fortinet’s network security appliances are widely used by businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to protect their networks. This means that if an attacker were to exploit this vulnerability, they could potentially gain access to a large number of sensitive systems and data.

Another concern with this vulnerability is that it can be easily exploited. In fact, the vulnerability can be exploited simply by sending a specially crafted HTTP request to the affected device. This means that attackers do not need to have any special knowledge or skills to exploit this vulnerability, making it an incredibly attractive target for cybercriminals.

One of the consequences of this vulnerability is that it can be used to launch ransomware attacks. This can be a remarkably effective attack, as it can leave organizations with no choice but to pay the ransom in order to regain access to their critical files.

Recovering from a Ransomware Attack Due to FortiOS Vulnerability

If your organization has been hit with a ransomware attack, there are a few steps you can take to recover from it. The first step is to isolate the affected device from your network. This will prevent the ransomware from spreading to other devices and will also help to contain the damage. You can read some other immediate actions to take HERE.

Next, you should contact a professional ransomware recovery service company. Alvaka is an excellent resource for this type of work. We have considerable experience working the Fortinet hacks that were so prevalent in 2020. These services can help you to decrypt your files, provided that the decryption keys can be procured. For immediate help at any hour of the day, call Alvaka at (949) 428-5000 extension 1.

How to Fix FortiOS Vulnerability & Prevent Attacks

The FortiOS vulnerability is a serious issue that can have significant consequences for organizations that use Fortinet’s network security appliances. It is important for these organizations to apply the security patches as soon as possible to fix the vulnerability.

It is also important to take additional steps to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Besides applying security patches, companies should be implementing strong security policies, and training employees to recognize and avoid phishing emails and other common ransomware attack vectors. By taking these steps, organizations can help protect their networks and their sensitive data.

For immediate help at any hour of the day, call Alvaka at (949) 428-5000 Ext. 1!

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