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Alvaka’s GandCrab Ransomware Recovery Services are designed to help companies recover from ransomware attacks and protect your systems from future attacks.
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Maybe you think that you’re not in any danger and that you take all the necessary precautions. Maybe you believe that you’ve educated your employees enough on the risks of random downloads, clicking on unsecured links, and opening strange emails.

GandCrab Ransomware Decryption Services

GandCrab Ransomware is a form of ransomware that is often targeted at small businesses and individuals. GandCrab ransom demands are often smaller than other forms of ransomware, although the amount is often relative to the target. Like most variants of ransomware, the ransom notice is usually a txt. file containing simple instructions for payment.

Such ransomware is often laid directly by a cybercriminal, either by breaching an unprotected RDP port or by using malicious downloads and attachments to gain access to the victim’s network. Investing in a strong security software and taking security precautions can usually be enough to prevent getting infected.

If you suspect that your system has been infected by Gandcrab ransomware, you should seek out help immediately. Gandcrab ransomware recovery is fortunately straightforward compared to recovery processes required for other types of ransomware. However, the strain of the GandCrab ransomware plays a significant factor in the recovery process timeline. GandCrab ransomware recovery is typically quick, taking an average of three days.  This is a short amount of time compared to the average ransomware incident length of six days. There is also a high success rate of recovery with this ransomware variant. By taking immediate action, most companies are able to regain full access to their files.

It is possible to download free decryption tools online to help recover, however it is recommended that you speak to a recovery expert first as some tools may not work against some tougher strains. In certain cases, using a free decryption tool can sabotage any chances of retrieving even a single file.

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