The cost to recover from ransomware will depend on many factors. The three key variables are the size of your company, the complexity of the network and applications, and the ransomware gang that attacked you. There are many more variables that can impact what your total costs of recovery will look like. Read some more details on other variables and recovery timeframes in our blog, Ransomware Recovery Timeframes: How Long Does It Take to Recover?.

There are also two cost categories: Cost to Recover and Total Cost of Recovery

Cost to Recover
This is the amount of cash you must pay out for ransomware recovery activities such as incident response, forensics, decryption and system recovery, and the ransom amount paid (if any). At Alvaka, we are seeing typical ransomware recoveries incur a hard cost of around $500,000, not inclusive of any ransom paid. That is the typical cost for a company with about 100 to 1,000 employees.

Total Cost of a Ransomware Recovery
This category includes the lost revenue associated with the ransomware incident. Again, variables will dictate how long you are down and out of business. Those variables include:

• The number of systems encrypted
• The ransomware gang who attacked you
• If you have full good backups
• How much and how good your IT help is
• If data was exfiltrated
• Etc.

Your estimated Total Cost of Ransomware Recovery (TCRR) can be calculated with a few key numbers entered into our Ransomware Recovery Cost Calculator. The calculator will also give you an idea of the time it will take to recover. Click the link below to use our calculator.

Ransomware Recovery Cost Calculator

**Please note, this TCRR does not estimate brand damage costs or fines and litigation that may come later from the incident.

Comptia has compiled a list of cybersecurity stats that illustrate the harsh realities of cyber breach incidents. Read the article, The Cost of a Breach: 10 Terrifying Cybersecurity Stats Your MSP’s Customers Need to Know.

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