Irvine, CA – The movers finished delivering all our personal property from the old building. I got my basic office functions set-up tonight and my most important personal items put away. There are still some boxes to unpack and pictures to hang. Some others have done the same. Some offices are still dumping zones and in complete disarray. Most of that will get organized for tomorrow. There is the most basic semblance of an office system starting to come together. By tomorrow night is should be vastly better. We still plan to be completely operational at 7 AM Tuesday morning, but the unpacking won’t be complete.

The creative area has the first of the furniture set-up. The custom granite topped work area won’t be installed for a couple of weeks.  🙁

The conference room is also getting some custom pedestals for the 14′ granite table top to match the one in the creative area.

We have our kitchen taking shape. We got the new refrigerator. The new ktiched table is to the right, but not visible. We should be getting new cabinets delivered tomorrow.

Some offices are nearly complete in setup and users ready to go for tomorrow.

 The NOC is operational, but still in disarray. It should get fully organized tomorrow.

The lobby is still in disarray. The new furniture comes tomorrow. Not that most furniture and other large items have been delivered, our key card controlled front lobby doors will be installed.