[Podcast] Steps to Minimize Ransomware Risk

Last month, Alvaka COO and CISO, Kevin McDonald, sat down with the Miles Jobgen of the CompTIA Biz Tech Podcast to share his experiences with rescuing and restoring clients from ransomware—the most dangerous threat to IT solution providers today. He [...]

[Podcast] Steps to Minimize Ransomware Risk2021-01-08T22:43:23-08:00

Three Issues in the Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report

The March Cyberspace Solarium Commission report advised that businesses and the U.S government should incorporate layered cybersecurity into their defense strategy. Additionally, the report insists that Congress, “pass a law establishing that final goods assemblers of software, hardware and firmware [...]

Three Issues in the Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report2020-10-05T00:01:39-07:00

Essential Steps for Ransomware Recovery

Are you a victim of ransomware? Or have you been one in the past? If so, the following will help you understand what activities you should expect during the course of your ransomware recovery in the days following an attack. [...]

Essential Steps for Ransomware Recovery2021-01-08T22:17:48-08:00