Is it Time for Ransomware Insurance?

Necessary cybersecurity habits such as software patching and vulnerability assessments/penetration tests should not be disregarded due to having cyber insurance. On a related note, Alvaka has recently acquired two clients who needed recovery from ransomware attacks, one client had roughly [...]

Is it Time for Ransomware Insurance?2020-01-29T10:26:18-08:00

Should I buy cyber insurance?

A friend of mine asked me if he should buy cyber insurance for his business. Whether your need is for a self-hosted/owned, cloud or hybrid infrastructure this is not an easy answer. As I thought about it, I decided this is probably a topic of interest to many financial managers at small to mid-size enterprises. How should you decide this question and who can you seek for legitimate counsel that is qualified to answer this question without having a conflict of interest?

Should I buy cyber insurance?2020-02-04T01:55:28-08:00

Preventable ransomware attack leads to unrecoverable $700,000 loss

A 10 attorney law firm discovered the cost of failing to protect its systems from ransomware the hard way.  An attorney clicked on a phishing e-mail, leading to a ransomware attack.  The firm apparently did not have a [...]

Preventable ransomware attack leads to unrecoverable $700,000 loss2018-04-09T22:10:47-07:00

Is Antivirus Software Really Dead?

I am curious what Dye’s definition is for "cyber-attack?" One this is for sure, the motivation of hackers and malware has changed dramatically over the years. The threats are new and different today. Going back in history most malware was related to someone wanting cyber fame, making a political statement or just plain mischievousness. Now with the advent of ransomware, spam mailing bots and

Is Antivirus Software Really Dead?2017-11-13T07:30:06-08:00

Exploring the risky business of cyber insurance and IT services contracts

In my time as a security consultant and managed services provider, I've seen some questionable behavior and attitudes. Prime among them is the common belief in the business community that indemnity offered by cyber insurance and contracts replaces prudent actions [...]

Exploring the risky business of cyber insurance and IT services contracts2014-04-02T22:31:35-07:00

Schnuck’s Might Be in Big Security and Insurance Trouble, Can the Same Be in Store for Your Firm?

Is it better to insure than secure?  Maybe not.  You better dust off those old insurance policies that most of us look at all too infrequently.  Schnucks has been notified by their insurance carrier that they don’t plan to cover them for the lawsuits.

The problem that likely exists with your current insurance policy is that they were designed and sold in a pre-Internet era.  Data is not considered....

Schnuck’s Might Be in Big Security and Insurance Trouble, Can the Same Be in Store for Your Firm?2013-08-23T22:29:26-07:00

Is China Attacking Your Business?

Last week President Obama issued another executive order regarding cyber security.  He followed up in his State of the Union speech by talking about foreign actors trying to sabotage our critical national infrastructure and private companies.   The use of executive [...]

Is China Attacking Your Business?2013-02-20T02:06:57-08:00