Alvaka Proves Again We Are Thought Leaders in IT Services

I just love it when stuff like this happens.  I was reading a white paper on cloud computing security by Hewlett Packard.  The document is titled Securing Your Business in the Cloud; HP Converged Cloud Security.

The document (Click Here for Link) starts out with a pithy quote that says, “The difference between protecting data in a public cloud versus data in a client organization’s own systems is like protecting the President in a crowd on the streets versus in the White House. He still has some protection on the street, but without the ability to fully control the environment, he is at far greater risk.”  That is a really good quote I think to myself.  I read on and the credit for the quote is attributed to “Kevin B. McDonald, EVP, Director of Compliance Practice, Alvaka Networks.

Alvaka is not a big firm, in fact we pale next to the multi-billion dollar HP, but the fact that they are using our quotes just goes to demonstrate repeatedly over the years how much Alvaka Networks has become a thought leader in the managed services, security and IT management & monitoring space.

I feel extra proud right now.