I am a technology/software consultant and the client is blaming my software, but I know it is a network problem… how can you help me?

Don’t worry, we will get you through this.  We do this all the time.

We know what it is like, the client is blaming your software or technology for the problems they have. You know it is a problem with the way the network is configured, but the client swears it is you. Every time something happens the client calls you to fix it. You tell your client you want someone else come in and take a look at the network and make recommendations or fix the problem.  We are your team to do that.  

Sometimes you are in a bit of a conflict with the client over who pays for the service.  If you believe it is the network, then we can come in and assess the situation and/or fix the problem. Here is the deal you should cut with your client.  If the problem is the network they pay.  If the problem turns out to be your product then you pick up the tab, but this is fairly rare.

Time is of the essence.

So what’s next?

  • Our first step is to assess what is going on with your client’s network.  We do that by running our diagnostic and monitoring tools.  These tools give us insight into how the system is running and where the problems exist.  We inventory their system and begin to document what they have and how it all is configured.

  • Second, we will write up a report for you to disclose what we find, but more importantly we will make a set of recommendations and provide a rough budget, if requested.  We don’t sell hardware and software, so we don’t have a conflict of interest to recommend a bunch of stuff that is not needed.  If they do need hardware and software, they can buy that from you or their regular sources. 

  • Third, you get to decide what course of action you wish to take.  We can continue to help you as required or you can run with the recommendations.

  • Time is of the essence, call us now, 24x7, at 949 428-5000, extension 1.  We are waiting to take your call.

Over the past 30 years we have seen a lot of broken IT systems.  These systems are usually poorly designed, don’t work right, there is no documentation and nobody knows what the last guy did to it.  We fix all that.



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