In recent news, FoxSemicon has fallen victim to a cyber attack where the LockBit ransomware gang seized control of their website and left behind a message that read “If you don’t pay the ransom, the data will be published on our TOR darknet sites. Keep in mind that once your data appears on our leak site, it could be bought by your competitors at any second, so don’t hesitate for a long time. The sooner you pay the ransom, the sooner your company will be safe.”

Foxsemicon is a subsidiary of Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics company based in Taiwan, specializing in the manufacturing of semiconductor equipment. They’re well known for producing the iPhone, iPad, PlayStation, Blackberry, Wii, Xbox, and Kindle. They’re the largest supplier for Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft. 

LockBit hackers stated that they stole 5TB of sensitive data; however, the specific type of data that was stolen is yet to be revealed. Although the incident’s potential impact is yet to be fully determined, Foxsemicon informed the Taiwan Stock Exchange that its preliminary assessment suggests the event should not significantly affect its operations. 

 According to a recent analysis by Google Cloud, DDoS attacks targeting Taiwan witnessed an astonishing 3,370 percent growth compared to the previous year. This surge, coupled with reported tensions with China, positioned Taiwan as the fourth most attacked region. In the midst of Taiwan’s recent presidential election, the country witnessed a significant surge in cyberattacks, with experts attributing the increase to China’s alleged desire for a change in Taiwan’s ruling party. However, analysts state that LockBit is not associated with politically motivated hacking.

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