Who’s to Blame for Ransomware Attacks?

Originally published on TechTarget. Alvaka’s COO and CISO—Kevin McDonald—discusses that, although cyber attackers are the main culprits for ransomware attacks, the companies that release flawed software or those who don’t install patches are not off the hook. In early May, [...]

Who’s to Blame for Ransomware Attacks?2019-09-09T21:40:28-07:00

Where is the American Firewall?

Written by Robert Rennie – Originally published on Medium on November 15, 2018. Note: The following blog is opinion-based. The views and opinions expressed in this blog article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the [...]

Where is the American Firewall?2019-11-19T20:57:09-08:00

Cybersecurity is an Organized Behavior [Podcast] – with Kevin McDonald

COO and CISO of Alvaka Networks, Kevin McDonald, sits down with Brian Sherman of IoTSSA for a very candid conversation on building a successful cybersecurity offering. He offers some great advice in this episode, such as using law enforcement as [...]

Cybersecurity is an Organized Behavior [Podcast] – with Kevin McDonald2018-11-29T14:23:48-08:00