What is Cybersecurity Consolidation?

What is Cybersecurity Consolidation? Cybersecurity consolidation refers to the process of streamlining and centralizing various cybersecurity tools, solutions, and processes within an organization. This consolidation aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and [...]

What is Cybersecurity Consolidation?2024-02-07T11:49:17-08:00

Why are Cloud Threat Actors Thriving?

Impact of Cloud Landscape on Incident Response Cloud incident cases differ from standard incident cases because of the different technology concepts. Currently, malicious actors in cloud environments have it easy because many aspects of the cloud landscape are unknown. [...]

Why are Cloud Threat Actors Thriving?2023-12-18T20:21:28-08:00

IT Monitoring Tool Sprawl Hurts Business Operations

IT monitoring tool sprawl refers to the proliferation of multiple monitoring tools within an organization’s IT infrastructure. While monitoring tools are essential for maintaining the performance, availability, and security of IT systems, their [...]

IT Monitoring Tool Sprawl Hurts Business Operations2024-02-07T11:54:10-08:00