Don’t Get Caught by a Ransomware Gang

You can rest a little better tonight knowing one of these gangs has been caught and they will be going to jail.  Be warned because there are many other similar scams out there.

The gangs target inadequately protected computers that are lacking in critical patch updates, antivirus software combined with a gullible user that surfs a site that has been compromised or specifically set-up to exploit the unsuspecting user.  Once lured in, malware is loaded onto the user’s computer and it throws up an official looking law enforcement type of screen that informs the user they are busted for some illegal online activity.  Typically this is associated with a porn site, but that is not always the case.

The user is then redirected to a cash payment site where they pay money and are perhaps even further victimized by credit card and identity theft.  To top it, off the lock on the computer is not often released.  Don’t be a victim.  Keep your computer software patched and up to date, make sure you have good current AV software and be smart about where you surf on the Internet.

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